Does Facebook suck for everybody ?

I do not remember why I have created an account on Facebook but it’s certainly because I had been invited to do so by a friend. Anyway, it was an opportunity to test this famous social network site and since the setup was quick, I did it (some months ago).

I quickly realised how juvenile the audience of a site like Facebook is. People are playing useless stupid games, answering stupid surveys ( what kind of lover are you? are you sexy ? are you fashion ?). Who cares about the fact that Miss X bought a picture of Mister Y for 5000$ ? This site is just good if you do not have a real live and like to spend your time doing nothing in front of your computer screen. There are some social networks far more interesting compared to what I have seen in Facebook. It seems clearly that they have targeted teenagers and they are certainly right since that’s where the money is ! I saw also some Facebook profile to sell on eBay with 200 friends.

I do not say that everything is bad in Facebook, it enabled me to find back 3 friends I had lost track of. The picture management is nice and…… that’s it ! The remaining stuff like the third party applications just sucks. If one of your friend is using an application and sends you something then you will have to register to the app in order to see it. Most of the time, it’s just crap and it’s an easy way for those app’s to say “we have xxxx members registered !”. I do wonder how many people consciously choose to register for those craps.

Where is the value added for users in Facebook ? There is obviously one otherwise Facebook would not be so popular but I cannot figure it out. For me it’s as valuable as reading tabloids during your holidays. Moreover, I can not imagine that all the records are not stored for later use and most of Facebook users are certainly not aware of this (being cobaye for marketing companies).

I will keep my account on this site but I will avoid to spend useless time on it. I have more important things to do in my real live.

One Response to “Does Facebook suck for everybody ?”
  1. serge o. says:

    I think your critic is perfectly pertinent and you highlighted exactly the added value.
    As you found back 3 friends, it is the scale of this network which makes it interesting even for adults. You have greater chance to find someone you know on this network than on any other. For some people moving a lot around, this platform is a mean for holding contact with people you like.
    For the rest, 3rd party application and the fact that people give their personal information for free for Marketing research purposes without understanding what they actually do, fuss me up.
    I don’t think that Facebook will and should ever have an application in Enterprise 2.0 environment. Nevertheless leveraging social networking within a company to make your competence visible to other’s and to create your own yellow page of competent people “could” be useful for both employee and HR.

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