Readability on the iPad

readability on the iPad - small - squrare

I certainly increased my reading on the web by 20 % since I bought the iPad and there is no doubt that it is a nice reading device.

However, If the iPad is good to read books and white paper, certain web sites are not yet optimized to display their articles on an iPad.

So I suggest you a small tips by using the readability bookmarklet on the iPad. To do so proceed as follow:

1. Open this post on your iPad

2. Save this page in your bookmark bar

3. Edit your bookmark

  • Change the title to “ Readability”
  • Copy the following javascript:


and paste it in your bookmark.

edit bookmark2

4. Enjoy a better reading experience on your iPad.

readability iPad - before redability - bookmark view2 readability iPad - After
Before After
One Response to “Readability on the iPad”
  1. Vincent Maurin says:

    Thanks for the tip Sébastien.

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