Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing – Breathe in before shooting

Oh no ! These words echo in your head as you let go the arrow and did not aim enough at the target. Now, nothing except the wind can influence its path and you see eventually go into the woods behind your target. What happened ? once again, you released the string too soon and … Continue reading

Searching with Google – quick reference guide

Google is still the most popular search engine on the web today. The interface is so simplistic most of us use it easily but not … efficiently. I have therefore created this quick reference guide in order to show you the true power of Google when you know how to really search. Print this quick … Continue reading

Readability on the iPad

I certainly increased my reading on the web by 20 % since I bought the iPad and there is no doubt that it is a nice reading device. However, If the iPad is good to read books and white paper, certain web sites are not yet optimized to display their articles on an iPad. So … Continue reading

How was your meeting today ?

This week, I had once again a lot of meetings. Some  were efficient and others (a lot) were just black holes for my productivity. So I decided to remind you of some grounds rules for an effective meeting hereunder: 1. to meet or not to meet .. Face to face meeting is the best way … Continue reading

Xin Fu : The Martial Art of emailing: The Junkshitiro

Let’s observe for a moment a Tai chi master practicing his art. He focuses his mind solely on the movements of the form which help him reaching a state of mental calm and clarity. His moves are slow or fast but none of them are superfluous in the execution of the series of forms. All … Continue reading

Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing: “out of office” message

With the beginning of the holidays, many of you are going to leave the office for a deserved holiday. It’s time to review some principles concerning the “out of office” message. Note that those remarks may also be applied when you leave the office for a long business trip. Here is a check list of … Continue reading

Broaden your horizon. Stop searching images on Google !

When comes the time to search for a picture to illustrate a presentation or an article most of us jump on and click on the tab image and just type in the search. In the past it was maybe a nice way to search images but today there are far better alternatives. So stop … Continue reading

Being offline during your holidays

Have you forgotten the real meaning of your holidays? Personally, I see holidays like a Formula one Pit Stop. During the year, we are riding at more than 200 Km/h on the track trying to pass your competitors but it’s impossible to finish a race without making a Pit Stop or two. During this short … Continue reading

More with my Netbook with less in Windows 7

3 months ago, I bought a Netbook in order to surf, read and blog on the go (I decided that my iPhone was too small for that purpose). I wanted something light and convenient and opted for an Acer Aspire one with 11.6 inch LCD screen. At that time, I had already been using Windows … Continue reading

2 green bookmarklets

I am not surprised to see people around me not knowing what a bookmarklet is. A Bookmarklet is a Web site bookmark that includes processing (javascript). If you spend  time making research on the web, there are 2 bookmarklets that you should definitely install : Printwhatyoulike : enables you to print more ecologically blog posts … Continue reading

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