Searching with Google – quick reference guide

Google is still the most popular search engine on the web today. The interface is so simplistic most of us use it easily but not … efficiently. I have therefore created this quick reference guide in order to show you the true power of Google when you know how to really search. Print this quick … Continue reading

Broaden your horizon. Stop searching images on Google !

When comes the time to search for a picture to illustrate a presentation or an article most of us jump on and click on the tab image and just type in the search. In the past it was maybe a nice way to search images but today there are far better alternatives. So stop … Continue reading

Nice as Twine

Twine can be seen as a Web organiser based on semantic technology and is partly a bookmarking area, partly a social network and partly a recommendation Engine.   Twine facilitate the emergence of higher levels of collective intelligence by creating smarter connections between contents but also between People. How does it work ? A twine … Continue reading

exalead one:desktop 4.6 VS Windows Search 4.0

Exalead and Microsoft have recently released the last version of their respective free desktop search solution. I have quickly compared those last versions. 1. Installation Both solution are easy to install but exalead helps the user who are not familiar to index concepts thanks to a good wizard which starts after the installation . In … Continue reading

Enterprise Search Sourcebook 2008

The Enterprise Search Sourcebook provides annually a range of Enterprise search software resource for people who want to implement Enterprise Search within their Company. the digital edition is here : Enterprise Search  Sourcebook 2008

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