Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing – Nothing is needed (nanni mo iranu)

Kyudo is an old Japanese martial art which is still actively practiced around the world. It is called by its practitioners "the way of the bow” Awa, a Kyudo master, said the following: “As for the stance, the positioning of the body, the positioning of the bow, the grip on the bow, the grip on … Continue reading

Xin Fu : The Martial Art of emailing: The Junkshitiro

Let’s observe for a moment a Tai chi master practicing his art. He focuses his mind solely on the movements of the form which help him reaching a state of mental calm and clarity. His moves are slow or fast but none of them are superfluous in the execution of the series of forms. All … Continue reading

The Ronin and the art of facing the multiplicity of things

A Ronin is practicing his art of the sword in a temple’s yard. Attracted by this unusual activity a crowd begins to gather around him. The Ronin cuts the bamboos from different standing positions and everybody seems amazed by his skills except for an old monk standing at the front. Upset by this carelessness, the … Continue reading

Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing: Avoid flame wars

Have you ever experienced the taste of a flame war email? Those emails containing heated arguments between two individuals that keep exchanging personal attacks instead of debating the topic in a face to face meeting.  Mastering the Martial Art of emailing should help you take control of those “flaming emails” without hurting anyone or hurting … Continue reading

Xin Fu – The Martial Art of emailing: Clean your pond.

Last year, I have reached a state of email bankruptcy which could be the origin of a certain anxiety for some. The number of emails and information I received was growing and will still grow this year, it was high time for me to reconsider the way I was handling them in order to get … Continue reading

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