Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing – Breathe in before shooting

Oh no ! These words echo in your head as you let go the arrow and did not aim enough at the target. Now, nothing except the wind can influence its path and you see eventually go into the woods behind your target. What happened ? once again, you released the string too soon and … Continue reading

Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing – Nothing is needed (nanni mo iranu)

Kyudo is an old Japanese martial art which is still actively practiced around the world. It is called by its practitioners "the way of the bow” Awa, a Kyudo master, said the following: “As for the stance, the positioning of the body, the positioning of the bow, the grip on the bow, the grip on … Continue reading

Xin Fu : The Martial Art of emailing: The Junkshitiro

Let’s observe for a moment a Tai chi master practicing his art. He focuses his mind solely on the movements of the form which help him reaching a state of mental calm and clarity. His moves are slow or fast but none of them are superfluous in the execution of the series of forms. All … Continue reading

Please, give me a break (fast) !

This week, I met someone who followed one of my trainings on email overload. I was curious to see  if my training had a impact on his day to day activities since I know he is always overloaded with  requests from the members of his project team. He agreed on the benefit of such a … Continue reading

Xin Fu – The Martial Art of emailing: Clean your pond.

Last year, I have reached a state of email bankruptcy which could be the origin of a certain anxiety for some. The number of emails and information I received was growing and will still grow this year, it was high time for me to reconsider the way I was handling them in order to get … Continue reading

RSS : A tool for only 11% of web users ?

I have recently read the forester research on RSS where I was not surprised to see that only 11% of online adults use RSS. Every time I have asked the question more than 80 % of the people answered that they just did not know what  a RSS was (Last week only 1 person out … Continue reading

Xobni: Discovering more about your emails!

Xobni is a free application for Outlook that lets you discover more about your emails. The Version beta was not so stable but now I was impressed by the speed and the stability of this add-in. The main features I liked were the search engine and the conversation grouping by author. In Xobni Analytics, you … Continue reading

Email Overload: Best practices

Email Overload: Best practices « Wiertz Sébastien

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