The martial art of emailing

Please, give me a break (fast) !

Escape 120 X 120 This week, I met someone who followed one of my trainings on email overload. I was curious to see  if my training had a impact on his day to day activities since I know he is always overloaded with  requests from the members of his project team. He agreed on the benefit of such a training but told me that he had to give  up after having tried for only 3 days. In fact, he could not find the time to organize himself properly but hopes to find some time for this during his summer holidays.  I was disappointed to see that he gave up so easily even if I know very well  he is really solicited and gives all his energy in different tasks and runs from meetings to meetings. Are we so overloaded that we cannot organize ourselves ? It’s however impossible to gain time if you do invest a bit of it in your day to day organization. Do not expect your enterprise to help you with that (especially when you have reached the 40’s). So, if you are in the same situation that the person I met today, step aside and get organized. But please, start with a coach in this domain. Do not postpone it and … Do it now !

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