Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing – Breathe in before shooting

Oh no ! These words echo in your head as you let go the arrow and did not aim enough at the target. Now, nothing except the wind can influence its path and you see eventually go into the woods behind your target. What happened ? once again, you released the string too soon and … Continue reading

DropMind: A drop of magic in your elixir of creativity

If I had to define a formula for my creative thinking, I would say that it is equal to my capacity of dropping ideas out of my mind multiplied by the capacity of visualizing those ideas afterwards. So, every time I have an idea, I stop everything I do and write it down before I … Continue reading

Does IM stand for Instant Messaging or Instant Messing?

I will start this post by thanking you. Why? Chances are big that you will be disturbed during the reading of this article as I was personally disturbed during my writing it. Personally, I was interrupted by a lovely distraction while writing this article: my daughter wanted me to color a drawing. Today, how long … Continue reading

Please, give me a break (fast) !

This week, I met someone who followed one of my trainings on email overload. I was curious to see  if my training had a impact on his day to day activities since I know he is always overloaded with  requests from the members of his project team. He agreed on the benefit of such a … Continue reading

Kayaking on the RSS river

I am ready. I have my helmet, my safety jacket on and my kayak is next to me. The sun just rose and today it seems that the RSS river is rough by  the long information rains we got this week. So had my wish been to keep a certain cap during my ride today, … Continue reading

Diving in the ocean of information

A baby can naturally swim but loses this ability while growing. This is one of the reasons why we have to learn it again. If we imagined that information can be represented by fishes in the ocean, we would understand that this ability to swim help you grasp that information. However, swimming is not enough … Continue reading

Xin Fu – The Martial Art of emailing: Clean your pond.

Last year, I have reached a state of email bankruptcy which could be the origin of a certain anxiety for some. The number of emails and information I received was growing and will still grow this year, it was high time for me to reconsider the way I was handling them in order to get … Continue reading

Have you Evernote ?

Over the past months I have tried to take more notes electronically not only to reduce my paper consumption but also to organize them centrally. For the past 3 years, I have been a devoted user of Microsoft Office OneNote and  I am really happy with the way it helps me organizing my notes (private … Continue reading

RSS : A tool for only 11% of web users ?

I have recently read the forester research on RSS where I was not surprised to see that only 11% of online adults use RSS. Every time I have asked the question more than 80 % of the people answered that they just did not know what  a RSS was (Last week only 1 person out … Continue reading

Breakfast 2.0

I was having breakfast when I had this idea to write an article on breakfast 2.0. Since 2.0 is a fashionable word today why not use it for breakfast and see how new technologies have changed it. What were the ingredients of breakfast 1.0 ?  An espresso, a laptop and a list of bookmarked web … Continue reading

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