Kayaking on the RSS river


I am ready. I have my helmet, my safety jacket on and my kayak is next to me. The sun just rose and today it seems that the RSS river is rough by  the long information rains we got this week. So had my wish been to keep a certain cap during my ride today, I would have had to paddle a lot therefore I have decided to start from this quiet river arm (Feedly). I normally start my ride upstream  in the crossing of the rivers (Google reader) coming from my favorite sources in order to be directly into action. But today, I would like to start slowly and the heavy rains we got last week seem to have transformed my calm spot into a raging stream. So my goal will be to pass them quickly before reaching the lakes (blogs) since my mood today is to paddle (read) a lot and not to let myself get carried away by the stream of the rivers.  Maybe for my next ride, I will go back to the falls of the Twitter river but for now I want a Zen ride. Allez, Hop !  Let’s jump in the water!

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