Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing – Nothing is needed (nanni mo iranu)

Kyudo is an old Japanese martial art which is still actively practiced around the world. It is called by its practitioners "the way of the bow” Awa, a Kyudo master, said the following: “As for the stance, the positioning of the body, the positioning of the bow, the grip on the bow, the grip on … Continue reading

Please, give me a break (fast) !

This week, I met someone who followed one of my trainings on email overload. I was curious to see  if my training had a impact on his day to day activities since I know he is always overloaded with  requests from the members of his project team. He agreed on the benefit of such a … Continue reading

Kayaking on the RSS river

I am ready. I have my helmet, my safety jacket on and my kayak is next to me. The sun just rose and today it seems that the RSS river is rough by  the long information rains we got this week. So had my wish been to keep a certain cap during my ride today, … Continue reading

Diving in the ocean of information

A baby can naturally swim but loses this ability while growing. This is one of the reasons why we have to learn it again. If we imagined that information can be represented by fishes in the ocean, we would understand that this ability to swim help you grasp that information. However, swimming is not enough … Continue reading

Have you Evernote ?

Over the past months I have tried to take more notes electronically not only to reduce my paper consumption but also to organize them centrally. For the past 3 years, I have been a devoted user of Microsoft Office OneNote and  I am really happy with the way it helps me organizing my notes (private … Continue reading

Dealing with Enterprise Information Overload

Robin Purohit, HP VP and General Manager of information Management, recently gave an interview in the HP’s original garage to explain what are the solution proposed by HP. HP, IBM and Microsoft are quiet active in this area. See the interview on this link: dealing with enterprise information overload

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