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Diving in the ocean of information

school_of_fish-thumb-640xauto-10A baby can naturally swim but loses this ability while growing. This is one of the reasons why we have to learn it again. If we imagined that information can be represented by fishes in the ocean, we would understand that this ability to swim help you grasp that information. However, swimming is not enough and we will have to learn how to dive in order to see the schools of fishes which lived in the different depths of the ocean. It stands to reason that people who stay on the quay are just passive consumers and the freshness of the fish will not always be guaranteed for him. If I may pursue this line of argument, I would say that a dead fish represents a piece of information out of its lifecycle hence presenting much less interest. A beginner diver is not able to go deep enough and will have to learn how to locate shallow spots where some school of fishes can easily be seen. Unfortunately, the majority of those spots are wooed by tourists and pseudo divers who are only snorkeling so that he will have to quickly learn to dive deeper and find new spots away from the shore. With practice, the diver will dive deeper and longer and will decide according to his desires and moods if he wants to see a school of fish or some rare specimen. Note that even an experienced diver will never be alone and his discoveries will always be shared with his diving partners. Deep-sea diving is limited in time and has therefore the advantage of forcing the diver to select the diving sites according to the results he is aiming to. Back ashore, he will have time at his disposal to treat the results of his findings. The snorkeler as far as he is concerned is limited to specified spots and the abundance of oxygen on the water surface does not constrain him to stop his absurd drift. He will often be back ashore with this déjà-vu impression that can only be shared with people that cannot swim (and there are so few nowadays).

Last but not least, I would also say that we should refrain from eating fish sticks but rather teach others how to fish in order to avoid being completely dependent one day on those big trawlers which fish in mass and often mix up quantity and quality.

PS: I would like to thank @veroniqueR which indirectly helped me develop an idea I had in the plane last week. If you can read in French, I advise you to read her post here.

3 Responses to “Diving in the ocean of information”

  1. Steph.

    Very interresting.
    I wonder what kind of diver I am?
    Be careful, there is always a risk of intoxication of depth



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