Find the right Alchemist in your B2B industry

The holiday season is the perfect time to organise your paper and the house. My growing son Emilien needed a new bed and I drove last week with him into this giant and well-known Swedish retailer. We selected the bed and proceeded to get the different parts in the corresponding alley. I realised a bedspring … Continue reading

Why do you blog?

Yesterday, I read the last post of John Moore on “Do page views matter for your average blogger?”. I wanted to write a small comment on his blog post but decided to develop it a little bit more this morning. So John, here is my answer: One day, one of my colleagues asked me “Seb, … Continue reading

S.O.S. Press in distress

When I was 8, during the summer holidays, my grandmother would send me buy the newspaper every morning. The daily paper used to be read first by my grandmother, then by my great grandfather to finally land in my hands. I then though roughly read its content without really getting a lot of it but … Continue reading

Diving in the ocean of information

A baby can naturally swim but loses this ability while growing. This is one of the reasons why we have to learn it again. If we imagined that information can be represented by fishes in the ocean, we would understand that this ability to swim help you grasp that information. However, swimming is not enough … Continue reading

Ten tiny IT Things I wish people will do in 2009

Do not forget that Social network contains the word “Social“ Stop speaking of web 2.0, web 3.0 without knowing what it means. These terms are just good for marketers. Do not only use the technology but teach it to other people. Do not only watch but act. Share -> The more you give the more … Continue reading

The role of the IT in this era of turbulence

  We are facing today an economic  downturn in the global economy, this slowdown will force CEO’s to rethink their strategies and some of them will be then tempted to reduce the IT budget. IT has always been considered as a necessary cost inside companies but few have really seen the secret weapon it turn … Continue reading

Is Web 2.0 just considered magical by naive observers ?

I like Collaboration tools, I use RSS readers to aggregate information from different sources everyday, I blog but I never use the term Web 2.0  which is just for me a pure marketing term. I agree that we needed something to mark the evolution of the web but too much companies are claiming to sell … Continue reading

Back To Typewriter ?

  It’s interesting to see that some people still prefer a typewriter to a laptop if their goal is only writing without being distracted by the popup coming from the new technologies. The Los Angeles Times Publish this week an article Typewriter stays relevant in technology-saturated world

The Power of business trip

I was wondering why most of my ideas were coming when I am in the plane, behind the wheel of my car or in my hotel room. I read recently that a knowledge worker is interrupted every 3 minutes on average (see articles May I have your attention please? and Worker, Interrupted: The Cost of … Continue reading

List of Acronyms

I have added a List of Acronyms on my blog. I use a lot of those acronyms in my speeches and writing and some people have difficulties with that. So I thought it would be nice to share what i have collected until now instead of keeping that in a MS Word on my Computer. … Continue reading

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