The martial art of emailing

Ten tiny IT Things I wish people will do in 2009

  1. Do not forget that Social network contains the word “Social
  2. Stop speaking of web 2.0, web 3.0 without knowing what it means. These terms are just good for marketers.
  3. Do not only use the technology but teach it to other people. Do not only watch but act.
  4. Share -> The more you give the more you get.
  5. Promote technologies in which you really believe and not only to be “fashion” or to earn money. Before promoting a new software, take some time to test it and see if it’s really innovative.
  6. Do not forget to donate when you feel the technology provided deserves it. Think about the people who spend time developing the software you are using everyday. Wikipedia will be one of the sources for the semantic web (dbpedia) and needs you to donate in order to stay free ( in all the sense).
  7. Do not think that technologies emerging and working on the web side can work inside Enterprises like marketers want you to believe it.
  8. Think twice before printing a document or an email. New technologies are green if you use them in such a way.
  9. Organise your information workflow in order to  avoid information overflow.
  10. And finally, before writing an email, take 5 sec to see if it’s really needed, 5 sec to see if another tool could not be more efficient and if you really opt for an email 10 sec to define a correct subject !

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