DropMind: A drop of magic in your elixir of creativity

Several chemistry tubes made from transparent glass filled either with water or blue and red substances. Some of the recipients have white gradations used for measuring the quantities. They are on a reflective white surface.

If I had to define a formula for my creative thinking, I would say that it is equal to my capacity of dropping ideas out of my mind multiplied by the capacity of visualizing those ideas afterwards. So, every time I have an idea, I stop everything I do and write it down before I … Continue reading

How was your meeting today ?


This week, I had once again a lot of meetings. Some  were efficient and others (a lot) were just black holes for my productivity. So I decided to remind you of some grounds rules for an effective meeting hereunder: 1. to meet or not to meet .. Face to face meeting is the best way … Continue reading

Why should I share ?

Edward is almost forty and works in an international company. He is a CIO respected by his peers and made himself a good reputation on the web on different topics including Knowledge Management. One day, he was invited to a meeting with the heads of departments to discuss a topic which at first seemed trivial: … Continue reading

A conversation with Léo Apotheker and Andrew Mcafee

Nice as Twine

Twine can be seen as a Web organiser based on semantic technology and is partly a bookmarking area, partly a social network and partly a recommendation Engine.   Twine facilitate the emergence of higher levels of collective intelligence by creating smarter connections between contents but also between People. How does it work ? A twine … Continue reading

Wiki and Knowledge Management

I posted the following  answer on a non public area and I wanted to share it. The question was “How many of you are using a Wiki for knowledge management and what are your experiences?”. Here was my answer: I will start my answer with 2 definitions: A Wiki is a website where people can … Continue reading

Mindjet released Mindject connect

I personally use Mind Manager a lot in my daily duties, in a meeting to take notes, in my office to organise idea’s and tasks. Mindjet just released a product named “Mindjet connect” which will enable multiple users to create an edit Mind maps online in a collaborative way. This will certainly take mind mapping … Continue reading

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