Like this post, but caution that a “good EDM” application generally within a scope that is less than the corporate need to manage knowledge resources (people + information retained in multi-media formats). Like a wiki, perhaps, it is but a part of the answer.

Agree completely that technology should be an enabler- not a driver – and that what is enabled is a factor of human and environmental characteristics (like trust).

On the other hand, early exposure to too much beer means that today it is not a trust builder ;-) Repeated exposure that garners a “felt sense of belief” in others is required for trust. Social networking technology can facilitate that to a degree where multiple facets of a person are revealed. I would argue that inhibitors to knowledge sharing and collaboration are largely factors of the environmental context: cultural recognition of rank, systemic reinforcement of “need to know” limitations, contradictions in touted support for sharing and performance appraisal and incentive programs. Thoughts?