Can Enterprise 2.0 help companies innovate?

Two weeks ago, I made a presentation in Paris on how I see the role of Enterprise 2.0 and its influence on innovation. From the beginning, I have decided not to speak about Technologies but more on the factors that could really influence innovation inside a company.   The term innovation means a new way … Continue reading

A conversation with Léo Apotheker and Andrew Mcafee

Andrew McAfee: Some Questions You Might Get Asked

  I just read the last post of Andrew Some questions You might Get asked  and I would like to add the following comments This list seems to be complete but I would like to remark that exactly the same questions rose in the 90’s with the emergence of emails and forums inside companies. Emails … Continue reading

Davenport VS McAfee in EMC2 Magazine

As you may know them, they have 2 different visions on what’s Enterprise 2.0 could really offer to the enterprise. I am following their blogs since along time and i must say that I have more in common with Tom Davenport. In May 2008 EMC magazine released a interview where Davenport and McAfee revisite the … Continue reading

Newsgator ans Social sites 2.0 for MOSS 2007

Newsgator just released his Social Sites 2.0 for Moss 2007. You can find more info on the folowing links. Newsgator Social sites 2.0  

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