The martial art of emailing

Andrew McAfee: Some Questions You Might Get Asked


I just read the last post of Andrew Some questions You might Get asked  and I would like to add the following comments

This list seems to be complete but I would like to remark that exactly the same questions rose in the 90’s with the emergence of emails and forums inside companies. Emails and forums could then already be used to make flame wars, publish pornography, and harass colleagues but certainly in a minor scale than what you could do with the newest technologies. As you can see today, we are overloaded by emails despite those risks. Later, we received the same question when we implemented enterprise search engines which help surfacing hidden and sometimes confidential information from their “hidden” area (most of the time this information was already public but the access was not easy). In fact, every time information is shared using new technology, intellectual property concerns rise among management. Those concerns are founded and we should never forget that the future of a company largely depends on its ability to keep information within its walls. A company is not a democracy and employees will always naturally think twice before publishing something on their site which could have a negative impact on management. Moderation is always possible but by experience I see that people were already shy to publish something in a Forum so I see no reason why ESSPs would suddenly change that in any way.

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