Do you want an access to a Web with no sense?

Let’s be clear form the beginning, URL filtering technologies are an essential element in the network security of a company. But IT Security has to be like a belt in a car, we have to get one otherwise it hurts but it does not make the car working and a wrong set up of Websense … Continue reading

Smile ! You have been F….ked !

– Hello Friend n°543, you seem to be from here for a long time if I see the number of friends you have. -Yes. Indeed. – May I ask you a question? – Yes. Please do. – This morning when I woke up, the walls of my apartment were completely transparent and I could see … Continue reading

Why should I share ?

Edward is almost forty and works in an international company. He is a CIO respected by his peers and made himself a good reputation on the web on different topics including Knowledge Management. One day, he was invited to a meeting with the heads of departments to discuss a topic which at first seemed trivial: … Continue reading

Connecting the brains – Part 1: Introduction

Today, he is again alone in the Kenyan jungle hunting insects with his camera. After some nice shots, the entomologist Dino Martins, nicknamed “Dr. Dudulittle” (Dudu means insect in Swahili), will come back to his camp with hundreds of insects pictures. He just hopes his wind turbine has had time to charge his computer in … Continue reading

Can Enterprise 2.0 help companies innovate?

Two weeks ago, I made a presentation in Paris on how I see the role of Enterprise 2.0 and its influence on innovation. From the beginning, I have decided not to speak about Technologies but more on the factors that could really influence innovation inside a company.   The term innovation means a new way … Continue reading

Google Warns of Privacy Issues on the Social Web – ReadWriteWeb

For those who did not read my last post concerning Privacy on the web, I suggest to read this paper from Google ( and I am not a Google fan )  Google Warns of Privacy Issues on the Social Web – ReadWriteWeb.

A conversation with Léo Apotheker and Andrew Mcafee

Privacy on the Web ? The risk of social network.

Private data is always a controversial  subject inside an enterprise and especially if this enterprise is spread around the world where the policy on this subject may vary a lot from country to country. I am then always surprised to see how people innocently give their data on the web without reading clearly between the … Continue reading

T N T — The Network Thinker: So many people, So little time

While Painting my walls this afternoon, I was thinking about Twitter and how people could really follow efficiently more than 200 people . I wanted to start a post on that but  TNT ( The Network Thinker) already published somethink similar to what I wanted to discuss about and the graphical representation are to be … Continue reading

Nice as Twine

Twine can be seen as a Web organiser based on semantic technology and is partly a bookmarking area, partly a social network and partly a recommendation Engine.   Twine facilitate the emergence of higher levels of collective intelligence by creating smarter connections between contents but also between People. How does it work ? A twine … Continue reading

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