The martial art of emailing

Smile ! You have been F….ked !

Keybard X pink -square 120 X 120 – Hello Friend n°543, you seem to be from here for a long time if I see the number of friends you have.

-Yes. Indeed.

– May I ask you a question?

– Yes. Please do.

– This morning when I woke up, the walls of my apartment were completely transparent and I could see my neighbours having breakfast in the apartment next door. If fact, it seems a lot of apartments have their walls transparent today. How could it be?

– Our master change the privacy rules during the night when most of you were asleep.

– Without even warning us?

– He is the master.

– The master of what exactly?

– The master of the world.

– Sorry but I have some difficulty to understand. I see only 400 million humans here. This cannot be the entire world.

– But there is no other world. Our master said “This is the world”. There is nothing outside.

– I do not recognize this world.

– It’s maybe because we changed the layout once again. Do you know that we have copied it and now our master made a patent so that there will be only one world. We have also more and more farmers and it changes a bit the landscape but it helps us produce the necessary food.

– Yes. But I have no money to buy food. I was at the bank this morning and they told me that the money I had was not valid anymore in this world.

– Yes. The Master invented a special currency so that he could control us and take more % out of the farmer’s revenue.

– So I have nothing left here. I will leave right away.

– It’s impossible. You cannot leave our world. Your passport is only valid here and your stuff can not be moved outside this world. It belongs to the master.

– Your master seems to forget that I have an OpenID passport so I can leave and delete my existence from here. Et “hop!”

– I like your “et Hop!” You can try but you will come back soon or later.

-I don’t like your answer. Why do you seem so sure of that?

-Sht Don’t say “I ….’t like”. This word has been banned from our world. Here we just “like”.

– What do you mean by I will be soon back here?

– Our world is invading the outside world. So you will be back to our world sooner or later.

– But you said that there is no outside world.

– There is not. Our master said that it will be our world too.

– But I can still refuse to exist in this world.

– Not really. If you erase yourself from this world and you touch an activating point in the outside world, you will be reactivated here directly.

– Then, I will have to avoid those activating spots.

– They are everywhere Mister W. You have just  been F…ked    (1)

(1) Facebooked

2 Responses to “Smile ! You have been F….ked !”

  1. kaex88

    i came across your blog by googling the “art of email”. glad i decided to stay and check out some other posts :)
    (martial arts + email etiquette = awesome!!)


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