Smile ! You have been F….ked !

– Hello Friend n°543, you seem to be from here for a long time if I see the number of friends you have. -Yes. Indeed. – May I ask you a question? – Yes. Please do. – This morning when I woke up, the walls of my apartment were completely transparent and I could see … Continue reading

Can Enterprise 2.0 help companies innovate?

Two weeks ago, I made a presentation in Paris on how I see the role of Enterprise 2.0 and its influence on innovation. From the beginning, I have decided not to speak about Technologies but more on the factors that could really influence innovation inside a company.   The term innovation means a new way … Continue reading

Privacy on the Web ? The risk of social network.

Private data is always a controversial  subject inside an enterprise and especially if this enterprise is spread around the world where the policy on this subject may vary a lot from country to country. I am then always surprised to see how people innocently give their data on the web without reading clearly between the … Continue reading

T N T — The Network Thinker: So many people, So little time

While Painting my walls this afternoon, I was thinking about Twitter and how people could really follow efficiently more than 200 people . I wanted to start a post on that but  TNT ( The Network Thinker) already published somethink similar to what I wanted to discuss about and the graphical representation are to be … Continue reading

Twitter is dangerous

I am analysing the danger of the new technology and their impact on the IPP (Intellectual Property protection). I will certainly post an article in the coming days on this subject. Michael Krigsam posted one on twitter but I would like to have a more general view. here is the abstract of his article: Twitter … Continue reading

Xobni: Discovering more about your emails!

Xobni is a free application for Outlook that lets you discover more about your emails. The Version beta was not so stable but now I was impressed by the speed and the stability of this add-in. The main features I liked were the search engine and the conversation grouping by author. In Xobni Analytics, you … Continue reading

Does Facebook suck for everybody ?

I do not remember why I have created an account on Facebook but it’s certainly because I had been invited to do so by a friend. Anyway, it was an opportunity to test this famous social network site and since the setup was quick, I did it (some months ago). I quickly realised how juvenile … Continue reading

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