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Connecting the brains – Part 1: Introduction

Connecting the Brains 120 X 120 Today, he is again alone in the Kenyan jungle hunting insects with his camera. After some nice shots, the entomologist Dino Martins, nicknamed “Dr. Dudulittle” (Dudu means insect in Swahili), will come back to his camp with hundreds of insects pictures. He just hopes his wind turbine has had time to charge his computer in order to share his discoveries through twitter and his blog(1) .

He does not only do that because he is a member of the scientific community but also to get quicker feedbacks. Feedbacks that will help him alert locals on the necessity to protect a rare bee or new species of insects. In fact, one could compare Dino with a bee which individual role is to scout for information and report it back in order to enrich the collective knowledge of the colony.

It has always been like this for Dino but today it just takes hours to get feedback instead of weeks or maybe months. Technology just enhanced the speed of  interactions between members of his network but also allows him to easily find new connections.

Networks have always been crucial for the development of individuals. We are born with a primary network: the family.  Then we start defining our own network starting with our friends to finally build a professional network during our career which includes colleagues and business contacts.  Each of these networks has a different purpose but all of them change the way we react to a particular “situation”.

The interaction with other individuals, their advice, the confrontation you had with them made the person you are today and will certainly define the person you will be tomorrow.

I will propose a series of posts entitled “Connecting the brains” in the coming days.

Stay tuned.

(1) Dino Martins’s blog:

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