Xin Fu : The Martial Art of emailing: The spider that twists your mind

SPiderA young disciple went to his master

– Master, I have difficulties meditating lately.

– What kind of difficulties do you mean young man ?

– Every time I start my meditation, a spider comes from the roof and hangs in front of my face. Then it goes away and comes back again, it disturbs me during my meditation

– Young man, you cannot get rid of this spider for another one will come to replace her sooner or later. In fact, the spider does not disturb your meditation but you do.

– Me? ,answered the young disciple, then what can I do ?

The Master replied matter-of-factly:

– Young man, when you meditate, start by closing your eyes.

In our work life the spider is the notification that appears every time we receive an email. This disruption does interrupt the concentration we had in an ongoing  task and switches your brain to a new one.

Disabling the notification option in your email is the first step to efficiency.

3 Responses to “Xin Fu : The Martial Art of emailing: The spider that twists your mind”
  1. Very nicely put! :-)


  2. enectoux says:

    Hi Sébastien,

    My closing eye Technic at office: iPod + Do Not Disturb sign on communicator (my enterprise IM solution)
    Then the music can change: either childout (Pïnk Floyd is one of my favorite) if I need to or more punchy… electro (no vocal)


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