Xin Fu : The Martial Art of emailing: The Junkshitiro

Let’s observe for a moment a Tai chi master practicing his art. He focuses his mind solely on the movements of the form which help him reaching a state of mental calm and clarity. His moves are slow or fast but none of them are superfluous in the execution of the series of forms. All … Continue reading

Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing: “out of office” message

With the beginning of the holidays, many of you are going to leave the office for a deserved holiday. It’s time to review some principles concerning the “out of office” message. Note that those remarks may also be applied when you leave the office for a long business trip. Here is a check list of … Continue reading

The Ronin and the art of facing the multiplicity of things

A Ronin is practicing his art of the sword in a temple’s yard. Attracted by this unusual activity a crowd begins to gather around him. The Ronin cuts the bamboos from different standing positions and everybody seems amazed by his skills except for an old monk standing at the front. Upset by this carelessness, the … Continue reading

Broaden your horizon. Stop searching images on Google !

When comes the time to search for a picture to illustrate a presentation or an article most of us jump on and click on the tab image and just type in the search. In the past it was maybe a nice way to search images but today there are far better alternatives. So stop … Continue reading

Xin Fu: The Martial Art of emailing: Avoid flame wars

Have you ever experienced the taste of a flame war email? Those emails containing heated arguments between two individuals that keep exchanging personal attacks instead of debating the topic in a face to face meeting.  Mastering the Martial Art of emailing should help you take control of those “flaming emails” without hurting anyone or hurting … Continue reading

Do you want an access to a Web with no sense?

Let’s be clear form the beginning, URL filtering technologies are an essential element in the network security of a company. But IT Security has to be like a belt in a car, we have to get one otherwise it hurts but it does not make the car working and a wrong set up of Websense … Continue reading

Smile ! You have been F….ked !

– Hello Friend n°543, you seem to be from here for a long time if I see the number of friends you have. -Yes. Indeed. – May I ask you a question? – Yes. Please do. – This morning when I woke up, the walls of my apartment were completely transparent and I could see … Continue reading

Does IM stand for Instant Messaging or Instant Messing?

I will start this post by thanking you. Why? Chances are big that you will be disturbed during the reading of this article as I was personally disturbed during my writing it. Personally, I was interrupted by a lovely distraction while writing this article: my daughter wanted me to color a drawing. Today, how long … Continue reading

Please, give me a break (fast) !

This week, I met someone who followed one of my trainings on email overload. I was curious to see  if my training had a impact on his day to day activities since I know he is always overloaded with  requests from the members of his project team. He agreed on the benefit of such a … Continue reading

Why should I share ?

Edward is almost forty and works in an international company. He is a CIO respected by his peers and made himself a good reputation on the web on different topics including Knowledge Management. One day, he was invited to a meeting with the heads of departments to discuss a topic which at first seemed trivial: … Continue reading

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