Breakfast 2.0

breakfast 2I was having breakfast when I had this idea to write an article on breakfast 2.0. Since 2.0 is a fashionable word today why not use it for breakfast and see how new technologies have changed it.

What were the ingredients of breakfast 1.0 ?  An espresso, a laptop and a list of bookmarked web sites where I was susceptible to find interesting information.

What are the ingredients of breakfast 2.0 ? Still the same espresso, a laptop, FeedDemon and Yahoo Pipes which crawl the web bringing summary on various chosen centres of interests, categorizing information and centralising them in the reader (for offline use if necessary).

It takes more time to prepare a breakfast 2.0 since you have to organise your RSS feeds in categories, find new ones, select the RSS reader that matches your needs. For cases where RSS feeds do not exist, you could create one using, for example, Yahoo Pipes. Once it is organised, you will see the real ROI and not only during your breakfast! (could also be in train 2.0).

Is breakfast 2.0 more efficient than the old version? Definitely yes since I am now able to scan predefined information matching my interests and, as I usually take my breakfast in less than 10 minutes, I can now focus on important articles, news or comments (sometimes flagging them to read them later in bed 2.0).

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